SOLO LAB is coming

🆕 🔜 Check this out if you dream of running a solo Internet business 🏖️

Hi, after the summer hiatus, I’m back and I’ve got some big updates for you.

First, I’m working (still in the ideation stage) on a new website that I want to be the #1 resource for beginner developers learning Web Development. Stay tuned because I haven’t been more excited about a project in recent times.

Then I have news about my next cohort course, which is happening very soon.

4 weeks (28 days) from now, I’ll run SOLO LAB, which I labeled “the missing MBA for wannabe solopreneurs”.

SOLO LAB will be 3 things: a course, a supportive community, and a challenge.

I designed this cohort program as a unique event. It’s going to be a one-time event and will run from Sep 25 till the end of October.

The goal of the lab is to be a catalyst of change.

This is for you if you dream of running an Internet business on your own, starting something that can change your life in so many ways.

The course will focus on giving you, quickly and effectively, the 80/20 you need to thrive as a solo indie internet business.

You know, I’m a solopreneur at heart and I’ve been so since 2008 when I started looking for how to make a living, completely online and location independent to have as much freedom as possible. During this time I learned a ton of lessons I’ll share during the course.

In the challenge, you’ll define your own goal as a solopreneur. And you’ll frame something you can do in 1 month. Be that finally getting started on a blog, a podcast, a YouTube channel, creating an ebook, starting a newsletter, getting that e-commerce set up, getting the first users for your SaaS, launching an app, having 1000 people follow you on X, starting a community, whatever.

I will have a goal as well. Something new I’m cooking.

We’ll declare our goals publicly, within our private community of course, and we’ll work hard to get things done. We’ll keep each other accountable. We’ll encourage each other and it will be the place to find other people that are working on their dreams along with you. The goal is to be the support network and even somewhere to make new friends.

Sounds great?

I’ll open signups on September 25, and we’ll immediately get hands-on.

Sounds interesting? Find out more on and make sure you join the waiting list to be the first in line!