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Astro View Transitions and Dark Mode

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View Transitions in Astro are amazing, you can see them at work on this blog by clicking a menu item, for example - very smooth transition to other pages of the site, it’s great.

It’s a static site, but navigation feels smooth like in a single-page application.

I noticed a problem when I implemented dark mode in a new theme. Previously I just used the OS default, now I also have a new toggle to choose the mode you prefer.

But, problem: since it was loading the state from session storage in the browser, going to another page re-set that preference to light mode.

I had to use the astro:after-swap event, to call the function that gets the dark mode preference from the session storage also when the page is swapped with a new one in a view transition.

Here’s a link to the docs:

<script is:inline>
  const setDarkMode = () => {
    if (typeof window !== "undefined") {
      const isSystemColorSchemeDark = window.matchMedia(
        "(prefers-color-scheme: dark)"
      const storageTheme = sessionStorage.getItem("theme")
      if (!storageTheme && isSystemColorSchemeDark) {
        document.head.children.namedItem("theme-color").content = "#262626"
      } else if (storageTheme === "dark") {
        document.head.children.namedItem("theme-color").content = "#262626"
      } else {
        // we already server render light theme
        document.head.children.namedItem("theme-color").content = "#ffffff"

  // Runs on initial navigation

  // Runs on view transitions navigation
  document.addEventListener('astro:after-swap', setDarkMode)
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