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How to fix the `Upload preset not found` error in Cloudinary

Published May 02 2021

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I was doing a test project that used Cloudinary as the image storage.

I ran into this issue when I tried uploading the image. I received a 400 Bad Request with this JSON message:

{"error":{"message":"Upload preset not found"}}

Turned out I didn’t set up an Upload Preset.

You need to go in the Settings in your Cloudinary Dashboard, in the Upload tab you click “Add upload preset”, and you add one.

Then you use that preset name in your Cloudinary upload code.

For example I had a canvas object from an HTML canvas I wrote to, and this was the code to upload it to Cloudinary as an image:

const base64Image = canvas.toDataURL()
const formData = new FormData()
formData.append('file', base64Image)
formData.append('upload_preset', '***THE_PRESET_NAME***')

fetch(`https://api.cloudinary.com/v1_1/***YOUR_CLOUD_NAME***/image/upload`, {
  method: 'POST',
  body: formData,

Tip: while testing you might choose to add an unsigned upload preset, as it simplifies the code.

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