Let me explain what I am creating for you, and why.

All courses I find explain how to use a technology, not what to do with that. And more often than not, the instructor is perfect. There are no errors, everything flows in harmony and there’s a very clear ending line.

In my experience, things rarely go that way.

More often than not, this is the experience I have:

Does this happen to you too?

If you’re like me, you know more or less the tech or theory, but I hit a wall when trying to work on my own.

How do you fit your knowledge into the much larger ecosystem that is your application? And how to learn things as you write the app? These days, there’s a new library to learn every week. You just learn things on the go.

And watching tutorials is a lot different than creating something to scratch and launching it into the world.

In most courses, it’s clear that the teacher already built an app, then rolls back and teaches how they built it. But it’s really a backwards process. They are already experts in that technology, which is kind of a controversial topic.

The best moment to explain something is right after you learned it. But the single best moment is right when you are learning it. Or doing it.

Creating software projects is a bit like creating a new dish. You don’t want to follow a recipe to create a dish everybody knows already. Having an expert explain to you how they built an app does not help you more than watching a cook explain a recipe.

To understand how to create your own unique app, you need to know how to create your own unique recipe.

One way to do that is by directly seeing the cook create the dish in the first place. For the first time. Unfiltered.

Tutorials don’t explain how to create the app really, they only explain a pre-built app rolling back.

Here’s my solution to this problem.

I am building an app.
From scratch.
Using technology I barely know.
In public.
Keeping the errors and uhms and rollbacks in the videos, because the reasoning and internal talk I do is where the magic happens.
Hoping you can experience the same things I do.

In short:

  • It’s a video course. 14 videos already out, 20 more to come in the next 4 weeks
  • In the course I build a full-stack (backend and frontend) Web App using modern technologies such as React and GraphQL. From zero to deployment.
  • It’s a paid course.

I’m interested, tell me more!

In the basic plan you get access to the daily videos, and you can see me build this application and deploy it on the Web for public usage.

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VAT not included in prices

But if you really want to make the most out of this course, get the PRO pack and you will have access to:

  • the daily videos
  • the source code, day after day
  • a private Discord channel where to discuss every episode with the course members
  • a daily private Q&A / office hours / AMA session, where I’ll be in the channel to ask any question you have and where you can also propose any edit to the code, and influence the app features

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Since I started making the videos of the series, I received those enthusiasic reviews and I’m super happy about that, because my goal is to help you:

This series of videos is just one of the best dev learning resources I’ve come across in a very long time. So much brilliant info in just how @flaviocopes arrives at his solutions – @wellis321

I am loving the way you build step by step. I really need a series like this to connect all in my mind. Keep doing it i love it. Till the end i am with you – Carlos Fernandez

Hey Flavio, Wish you all the best, I’m loving the series so far. Seeing all this practically is way more learning rather than following straight tutorials of the specific phase. It’s much easier for me to understand the connection of dots – Muhammad Muhaddis

I never knew the real way to start with an app Thanks for showing the right way love these series – Vishal Kank

Learning by live coding and trial and error is so much more powerful than the old method of teaching. Thanks deeply Flavio !! – Jack Sverdrup


  • Do I need pre-requisites? Just basic JavaScript knowledge. If you don’t know React or GraphQL, you learn it along the way. The reason is that I keep things very simple and skimming through my blog posts is more than enough to follow the course and I will give you pointers where to learn more. You learn a new skill here: how to build things from start to finish.
  • Do you offer refunds? Yes, just email me if you are not 100% satisfied and I’ll issue a refund
  • Do you offer student discounts? Yes, just email me
  • Do you offer purchase power parity discounts? Yes if your country rank is > 51 in this list. Just email me
  • Is there a course preview? Yes, watch the first 14 videos on YouTube
  • How long can I access the course? Forever, there is no time limit. You always get full-access to the course materials.