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Upcoming courses

I have a big list of courses coming soon. Here's the schedule of the ones coming next:

- [May/June] Solopreneurship Masterclass

- [September] Git Masterclass

Solopreneurship Masterclass

All I learned on building a successful one-person internet business. For those that want to stop working for a company and create their own lifestyle business, content-based or software-based.

Will be released in June

725 people already in the waiting list!

Git Masterclass

Git is something we all need to use, but few of us really master it. This course will improve your Git (and GitHub) knowledge at a radical level, to help you feel less frustrated with Git

Will be released in September

402 people already in the waiting list!

What follows is a list of courses I want to create in the future, on tech I use every day. I have ideas but I'll work on the ones that people find most interesting. Join the waiting list for the ones you'd like to join, so I'll know which one is the most requested, and that will be prioritized!

JavaScript Masterclass

TypeScript Masterclass

React Masterclass

CSS Masterclass

Tailwind CSS Masterclass

Client-Side JavaScript Masterclass

Server-Side JavaScript Masterclass

Forms Masterclass

HTTP Networking Masterclass

Command Line Masterclass

HTMX Masterclass

Astro Masterclass

PocketBase + Astro Masterclass

Docker Masterclass

DNS, Domains and Internet Infrastructure Masterclass

Railway Masterclass

macOS Masterclass

Browser DevTools Masterclass

Debugging Masterclass

SQL Masterclass

VS Code Masterclass

Linux Server Masterclass