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Upcoming courses

Learn new skills avoiding pain and headaches using my 80/20 approach. Simple and fast text-based courses to install new knowledge into your brain.

Instead of:

- I don't know this

- I don't get it

- I hate this

...jump straight to:

- I'm competent

- I know how to use this

- I'm good at it

...and create the base layer for:

- I love this

- I'm advanced

- I'm badass

Solopreneur Masterclass

All I learned on building a successful one-person internet business. For those that want to stop working for a company and create their own lifestyle business, content-based or software-based.

Git Masterclass

Git is something we all need to use, but few of us really master it. This course will improve your Git (and GitHub) knowledge at a radical level, to help you feel less frustrated with Git

Will be released in September

538 people already in the waiting list!

JavaScript Masterclass

This course is a highly practical guide to JavaScript (TypeScript), running JS in the browser and on the server. A full immersion into this wonderful, flexible and powerful language.

Will be released in November

164 people already in the waiting list!

Web Development Beginner's Bootcamp

This yearly cohort course is a 10-week long practical introduction to Web Development, a perfect training for complete beginners and anyone that wants to follow a guided, mentored course to build a solid foundation for their future as a Web Developer.

Will be released in Early 2025

241 people already in the waiting list!

SQL Databases Masterclass

SQL databases are one of the most valuable pieces of technology we use in our applications. As Web Developers, it's crucial to know them well. In this course I'll start from zero SQL knowledge and you'll learn the basics of SQL and how to use PostgreSQL and SQLite (libSQL), Drizzle, and cloud databases. A real deep dive into databases, for JS developers.

Will be released in Mid 2025

82 people already in the waiting list!

Advanced Web Applications Bootcamp

This 10-week long advanced cohort course is a perfect sequel for the Beginner's Bootcamp. We'll focus on building a complex Web Application from scratch, using a very powerful, modern tech stack. We will handle auth, payments, building a real-world SaaS.

Will be released in Late 2025

41 people already in the waiting list!