Discord without channels

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In the past few years, I organised courses with a community aspect, in the form of a chat.

I’ve always used Discord for that, and it’s been great to have this community for students.

As I’m planning my next course, the JavaScript Masterclass, I’m about to do the same thing.

Today I was reading this post https://becca.ooo/discord that discusses why a channel-less Discord makes sense.

It’s one of those thing you are so used to the status quo that you don’t stop to think. I always create several channels in my Discord communities. But what if this time I don’t create any channel other than general, and perhaps a couple utility rooms, like one for announcements?

This is something I noticed multiple times. Channels dilute the discussion. Rather than just being lots of people in one big room, it’s lots of people scattered in many rooms.

Sure sometimes, especially the first days, there’s a lot going on, and lots of excitement. But then the days go by and there’s less and less discussions, and the Discord starts to feel much less crowded, sometimes even lonely. Some channels have zero activity. Some rooms have questions unanswered.

But once created, a channel can’t be removed. There’s resistance if you ask, and also you lose the messages.

But what if all was in a single room?

All will happen there, and there will be no more “where did I read that”? As it’s all in there, you just have to scroll, or organise better threads and pinned messages.

Discord now (since summer) has threads. Discussions can be organised in threads rather than channels.

I think this can be a game changer.

There’s only one way to find out, and that’s by powering the community using this method.

The first few days will be hard to figure out. But then I think it will be ideal.