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Everyone can learn programming

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Just like everyone can learn the math basics. Or just like everyone can learn how to drive a car, or learn how to use a smartphone

I believe everyone can learn programming. With the right amount of effort, the good training material, and a good dose of motivation, it’s very doable.

Also, I think learning programming should be fun. Accounting is boring. But programming computers? We can make them do really awesome stuff, so just thinking it’s a boring thing makes me laugh. That’s one of the most interesting things in the modern world.

I use this approach across the whole course. Let’s learn programming JavaScript and let’s make it fun!

I don’t assume any specific background - everyone can learn to code, and you don’t need to know how computers work internally to do it! After all, we can make great video and take wow photos without knowing how cameras work internally, right?

I will explain a bit of that too, by the way.

Once upon a time, up to 10 years ago, we were the strange people spending all day in front of a monitor in a room. Today computers are in the pockets of almost every person in the entire world - we conquered the world.

You might be approaching programming from different point of views. Maybe you are changing career. Maybe you always wanted to become a Web developer but life got you somewhere else. Maybe you are 15 and you are ready to take over the world. Maybe you are 85 and you want to create things just for fun, without the need to make money, just for the fun of it and the satisfaction of making things work. All those are great and perfectly valid reasons to learn programming.

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