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How to destructure an object to an already defined variable

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I had the need to assign the result of a function call to a variable already defined. The function returned an object:

function test() {
	return {
		one: 1,
		two: 2

I thought I’ll just use object destructing, like this:

const { one, two } = test()

But I had two already defined in my code (because of scoping issues) and I couldn’t redeclare it:

let two


const { one, two } = test() //ERROR

Simple way would be to have

const result = test()

two = result.two
const { one } = result

Or, I could also declare one as let and use this syntax with parentheses (adding ; before them to prevent JS to freak out because I don’t use semicolons, any line starting with ( must start with a semicolon, simple rule)

let one, two

;({ one, two } = test())
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