How can you determine if a JavaScript Date object instance is a representation of a date/time that is “today”?

Given a Date instance, we can use the getDate(), getMonth() and getFullYear() methods, which return the day, month and year of a date, and compare them to today, which can be retrieved using new Date().

Here’s a small function that does exactly that, returning true if the argument is today.

const isToday = (someDate) => {
  const today = new Date()
  return someDate.getDate() == today.getDate() &&
    someDate.getMonth() == today.getMonth() &&
    someDate.getFullYear() == today.getFullYear()

You can use it like this:

const today = isToday(myDate)

Check out the JavaScript Date guide to find out more how to handle the Date object, if you need.

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