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JavaScript, how to filter an array

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How to filter an array in JavaScript

You have an array, and you want to filter it to get a new array with just some of the values of the original array.

How can you do so?

JavaScript arrays come with a built-in filter() method that we can use for this task.

Say we have an array with 4 objects representing 4 dogs:

const dogs = [
    name: 'Roger',
    gender: 'male'
    name: 'Syd',
    gender: 'male'
    name: 'Vanille',
    gender: 'female'
    name: 'Luna',
    gender: 'female'

and you want to filter the male dogs only.

You can do so in this way:

const maleDogs = dogs.filter((dog) => dog.gender === 'male')

// [ { name: 'Roger', gender: 'male' }, { name: 'Syd', gender: 'male' } ]
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