How to get tomorrow's date using JavaScript

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How do you get tomorrow's date using JavaScript?

How do you get tomorrow’s date using JavaScript?

I had this problem the other day.

So I played a bit with a Date object, in particular with its getDate() and setDate() methods. The getDate() method returns the current day, and setDate() method sets the current day.

This is what we’re going to do to get tomorrow’s date:

  1. we first get today’s date, using new Date()
  2. we set a new date by adding 1 to it
  3. done!

Using setDate() passing the result of <today>.getDate() + 1, you’ll set the day as “tomorrow”.

If the day is 31 (in months with 31 days) and using setDate() you add 1 to the current one, the date will change month and the day will be the first of the new month. Or year, if it’s 31 December.

Here’s an example:

const today = new Date()
const tomorrow = new Date(today)
tomorrow.setDate(tomorrow.getDate() + 1)

tomorrow is now a Date object representing tomorrow’s date. The time did not change - it’s still the time you ran the command, increased by 24 hours.

If you also want to reset the time to “tomorrow at 00:00:00”, you can do so by calling tomorrow.setHours(0,0,0,0).