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htmx trigger request via JS event

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Writing this down as I wrote this code but then removed from my project and want to keep a reference.

I had a kind of peculiar use case with a <select> HTML element that contained some options.

If user selected one option, I wanted to perform a network request so I came up with this idea, listening on the change event on the select (the only way to know which option was selected is to set a value on the option).

Using Alpine.js in the example code as I used that in the project and don’t want to rewrite in vanilla JS but it’s not needed.

I dispatched a create-new-team event on the body, and using htmx I used this event to trigger the GET request using hx-trigger="create-new-team from:body":

	  if ( === 'myoption') {
        new Event('myevent')
	  hx-trigger="myevent from:body"
	  Select this option
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