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Every day I’m exposed to hundreds of great ideas.

Twitter. Hacker News. Reeder. Podcasts. YouTube.

I have a curated inbox where every day I am interacting, mostly passively, to the most brilliant minds I have ever seen.

This is like a river. A never ending flow. A tide of great thoughts and discussions.

That’s how I grow. There’s no way that this continuous exposure to great minds will contaminate and help me move forward.

Every once in a while one of the things I read, listen or watch finds a fertile field, meeting something that I already had in mind and mixes with it.

It mixes creating something new. A brand new idea.

When the idea hits, something great happens. I get into a state of mind that’s pure bliss. The brain forms new connections, more ideas show up, and there’s no way I can continue the work I was doing.

I must go all-in with this flow.

When this happens I’m 100% in the zone, the idea moves me to new places, to new ideas.

This “high” can last seconds, minutes, hours, days.

The idea looks like the best thing you ever thought. Why did no one think about this? This will be the thing I’ll be doing for the rest of my days.

When the enthusiasm wears off, you are left with ruins.

The idea will not look in the same way ever again. You will see the wrong assumptions, the problems, the defects.

Take advantage of the high. That’s real creativity in action. That’s your moment.



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