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How to redirect to a new URL using JavaScript

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I wanted to solve this specific use case, track the number of people that subscribe to my newsletter as a “goal” in my analytics.

I’m moving away from Google Analytics where you can setup “funnels goals”, meaning you visit page X, you visit page Y, that’s a goal.

It’s not possible in the new analytics I’m trying (Plausible) so I had to find a trick.

After you subscribe you land on a specific page where you can download some stuff.

I can’t say “the goal is to visit this page” because people might save it, bookmark, get back later.

So I did this, after subscribing you are sent to a temporary page and I put this JavaScript snippet on top:

  setTimeout(() => location.href = "/page", 2000)

So people are redirected to /page after 2 seconds.

I also did add a Redirecting you to the downloads in 2 seconds... message with a or click here link people can click in case for some reason (JS disabled?) they are not redirected.

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