You’re joking, right? One week? It will take months!


I’m not talking about a super-duper vector editing app, obviously, or a GarageBand clone. I’m talking about a small, useful utility application.

I think one week is a great timing: you don’t lose much time, you build on momentum, you are full of energy on your great idea.

One week from start to finish is possible if you already know the tools of the trade, you have a solid base of technology you can build upon, and you have a clear idea in mind.

Let’s write my process for doing things.

Day one? Prototype. Open Balsamiq Mockups and start drawing the user interface of what you’re thinking about. Don’t end until you are 100% satisfied with the design.

If the thing does not convince you, jump ship and try doing some other app idea you have written somewhere in Evernote.

Let’s just not waste weeks for the design. If the app will never see the light of the day, or is not successful as you think, you’re just wasting time.

Once the idea is there, start working on the code. Maxiumum 3-4 days of coding and the app should be 80% there.

Allow for time to think and improve the details, and get ready for shipment.


Yes, the sooner your app sees real users, real customers and real world usage, the sooner you’ll have honest feedback. Forget beta testers and friends, you’ll never know the harsh reality about your apps from them, because they’re afraid to hurt you. Some good one-star review will let you know if your idea works or not.

Then the real work starts.