Flavio Copes is a software engineer, in love with Go and JavaScript programming.

Flavio has been developing software professionally for 10 years with many teams, always remotely, in domains as diverse as intranet applications, e-learning platforms software, backend for online portals CMS, developer tools, personal productivity web applications, social network analysis and interaction software, mobile applications, mobile games, desktop applications, e-commerce software, open source flat-file CMS, applications to empower developers, and he has independently sold his own B2B software products for more than 5 years. He enjoys writing tutorials and providing resources for other developers, since 2007.

He has written production code every day in many programming languages including JavaScript (frontend and backend), Go, Objective-C, Swift, PHP Java and more.

Flavio’s professional timeline

  • Born 1983
  • Touched ZX Spectrum at 5
  • AmigaOS user since 1992
  • Started programming for fun
  • Briefly touched windows in 1996
  • Linux fan since 1997
  • Bought a huge JavaScript book covering Netscape 3.0 in 1997, which means that techically he’s a JS dev since 20 years
  • OSX fan since 2005
  • Graduated in Computer Engineering in 2008
  • Started consulting in 2008
  • Alternated client work with building his own products ever since

Past own products work:

  • Created 15 Joomla CMS Plugins (many retired over time, now reduced to just 4). One of these is JooCommerce, the best and simplest to use Joomla e-commerce extension. Overall those plugins have been purchased by thousands of developers. All those extensions rely on Ember.js for the admin interface.
  • Created about 2 dozens iPhone and iPad apps and games. Now just one stands still, a windsurfing sessions tracker, but the Naval Battles app was amazing, just like the Cocos2D game involving birds and a squirrel with a cool usage of game physics to emulate gravity, now retired. All written in Objective-C and later on Swift.
  • Created 2 WordPress plugins and put them on the plugins directory (now retired). One was an ecommerce plugin
  • Created and released half a dozen utility OSX apps based on a web stack (Ember.js), before Electron existed, most notably a code snippets aggregator and a text notes app.
  • Created an open source ecommerce plugin for the Grav CMS with commercial addons, hosted on GitHub
  • Built Gitometer, a Git repository stats visualization tool. The public facing part is a showcase of the private app for private organizations, currently in development.

Past work for clients

Ranged from work on event management applications to web apps centered around social media API-powered real time apps. Most notably used technologies such as Node.js and Ember.js to build thick client web apps.

Grav CMS

Served as Core Team Member of the Grav CMS, the best flat-file CMS in the world, helping maintaining the CMS and over 120 open source plugins and themes, adding new features, solving issues, reviewing PRs, helping 3rd part developers and curating the community, adding over 1k+ commits and 70k+ lines of code in just the 4 main repositories as measured by the contributions graphs, plus countless in the other 120 repositories of the project.

The Admin plugin was powered by modern JS written using ES6 modules and syntax, with the help of Babel and WebPack.

Also past member of the Trilby Team specialized in custom Grav CMS solutions

Tons of amazing websites are built with Grav, a very nice example is https://www.busuu.com

Technical writing

Flavio has been writing technical articles throughout the career. Some of the posts that stood the test of time are

Some very old tutorial series (in italian) regarding CMS and e-Commerce platforms usage:

Wrote on own technical blog that reached 1M views in 5 years, with italian content. Still active on flaviocopes.com, with newer content.

Created an online course about a popular CMS platform (Joomla) in 2008, now retired.

Created an online platform similar to Udemy, called LearnerHQ, in 2009

Contributed to the official Google Chrome Developer Tools documentation articles about

Published a Udemy video course called Mastering the Google Chrome Developer Tools on how to use the Chrome Developer Tools, now very outdated due to the speed of Chrome improvements.

In the past 2 years, helped maintain the Grav CMS Documentation.

Products screenshots

Flavio takes pride in building quality products on both the technical and UX side, and also well presented and documented. Here are some screenshots:


Code Snippets OSX app

Devices OSX app

Gitometer OSX app

Map Locations Joomla CMS Plugin

Grav (not my design)

Code Snippets OSX app

My Bills OSX app

Grav Shopping Cart


CSV Export Joomla CMS Plugin

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