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How to install Pygame Zero on macOS

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A few months ago I bought a book from Raspberry Pi Press called Code the Classics. It’s an awesome book that talks about some classic games, including Sensible Soccer and Centipede, and then proceeds to creating a clone of those games with Python. It’s a total of 5 games.

That’s a very nice book, you can download it for free at the link I provided above and you can find the code of the games built in the book on GitHub at

The book does not actually explain how to build those games, unfortunately. It just lists the source code.

Anyway, it’s a great way to start your Python game development adventure.

I finally found some time to dive into, and the first step was to install Pygame Zero, a library to create games on top of Pygame.

It’s not hard, in theory, to install it. It is distributed through pip, using

pip install pgzero

But I had troubles with my Mac. It failed during the installation withat

fatal error: 'SDL.h' file not found
#include "SDL.h"
1 error generated.

I checked what could be the problem, and I found a possible version requirement mismatch, maybe it’s a recent problem due to new releases of the libraries, but I had to install the latest version directly from GitHub, using:

pip install git+

Then it worked fine!

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