Release it and it will sell without any effort

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When I launched the JavaScript Bootcamp I sent a few emails to tell people the course was open for signups. Being a once a year event with just 1 week to signup, the open window was short and I sent 7 emails over 8 days.

Depending on your beliefs, this number might be too much, or too few.

Chances are that if you’re a developer or techy you’ll think it’s WAY TOO MUCH. If you’re in marketing or just a normal person, it’s few emails.

I’ve seen and studied countless launches and marketing strategies in all fields. The less techy the market, the more emails people receive. But I’ve seen many launches in tech with much, much more emails that what I’ve sent. I specifically remember a course ending the sale with 6 emails in the last 48 hours. That was a bit comical.

In all my launch emails I always add a link to click so you can skip the launch altogether. It’s not a problem, and you will still be part of my general list which is where I send you all my weekly coding tutorials for free.

Thanks to this, I do not get “hate emails” during the launch. I just received ONE complaint. Which is an absolutely great result. Sure, some people unsubscribed altogether. But without this “tune out the launch” link I would receive much more complaints.

Now it’s interesting to discuss what this person told me.

According to this person, sending email reminders about the launch is unnecessary. The people interested would just sign up “naturally”, “without extra reminders”, and I could “just let it happen” without extra reminders.

My first reaction was: “how cute”.

Then I told my SO that this person never ever launched anything they did into the outer world. I don’t know if that’s true, but that was my thinking.

The world out there is noisy. There’s no way to be noticed in the vastness of the Internets if you don’t make yourself visible in the first place.

And even then, even if you make yourself as visible as possible, it’s still hard because there are too many factors that move the needle from making $0 from your launch, or being able to make a living out of it.

It’s just so hard. A lot of stars must align in the correct place for this to happen ✨. And you have to use everything you have at your disposal to help those stars.

You can’t just let something “happen” if “it should happen”. You can’t just “let it be”. I’ve spent countless hours and days preparing the course. I could say it’s the equivalent of working a full-time job for 1 year just to prepare it, in advance.

Imagine investing all this time. Would you just “let it be”?

No, of course.

You’d do all you can to make sure things work out in the right way.

People tend to procrastinate up to the latest possible moment. And I’m not joking when I say that a lot of people still missed the launch deadline despite my 7 emails. People kept emailing me after I closed signups to join the course. They missed my emails.

So one thing I’d like to tell you is that when the time comes of launching your own product, ebook, whatever, you have to tell people. If you happen to use email as a 1-to-many communication channel, don’t be afraid of sending one more email. It’s a very stressful thing to do. But it’s something that needs to be done.

You tend to think you’ve already sent too many emails. But you’ve probably sent far too few.

Remember this: you have created this valuable product and people signed up to hear from you. They want to hear from you.

Of course this applies to permission marketing. People must have first granted you the permission to email them. Otherwise it’s spam. Don’t spam. But don’t be shy when it’s time to communicate the value you produced to people that like you and what you do.

One more thing! ⚠️ ✋

At the end of January I will organize the Web Development Bootcamp.

It's a 10-weeks long cohort online course where I will guide you to becoming a Web Developer.

It's not "just a course". It's a big event I organize once a year.

We'll start from zero, learn the fundamentals of Web Development, HTML CSS, JavaScript, Tailwind, Git, using the command line, VS Code, GitHub, Node.js, we'll then learn React, JSX, how to use PostgreSQL, Astro, Next.js, Prisma, deploying on Netlify/DigitalOcean/Fly/Vercel and much more! 

At the end of the first 10 weeks you'll know how to create web sites and web applications and I'll unlock you the 2nd phase of the Bootcamp: you will get access to a large number of projects exclusive to the Bootcamp graduates, so you can follow my instructions to build things like private areas with authentication, clones of popular sites like Twitter YouTube Reddit, create e-commerce sites, and much much more.

Because once you got the fundamentals, you only learn by working on real, exciting projects.

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