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Remove EXIF data from images

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Before posting an image on the Internet I had the need to remove the EXIF data which might contain location and other information which should not be shared, because it was a photo made with an iPhone

Tip: if you already know you want to remove location from a photo, in the share panel click Options before selecting “AirDrop” and you have the option to disable sending the location data, and other metadata.

I found out a simple way to do so with a Mac.

The simplest way is to use ImageOptim. Just add the image in there, it will remove all the EXIF data.

Otherwise if you prefer the command line, or you want a tool that integrates with your scripts, install exiv2:

brew install exiv2

Then use exiv2 pr to list the EXIF data of an image:

exiv2 pr <filename>

And use exiv2 rm to remove the EXIF data:

exiv2 rm <filename>
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