Solopreneur? Wannabe? Adventure awaits with SOLO LAB

I like coding. And dogs. And playing my guitar.

Do you know what I also like?

Making money on the Internet. Working from where I want, when I want, and on what I want.

I’ve been in the “Internet Business” thing since forever. At least 15 years, when I started my Internet software business company. I’ve been living and breathing in this ecosystem, and have a lot of experience and contacts in the space. I’ve got skin in the game. I know how to make things work.

In June 2023 I will organize the first beta cohort course called SOLO LAB. This “cohort zero” is already SOLD OUT.

The first “official” cohort of SOLO LAB will take place in October 2023.

To help you get started in this world. Specifically built for wannabe solopreneurs. To help you learn the core concepts and guide you in the right direction. Learning, and unlearning. Short, yet life-changing.

For the rebels. For those that don’t want to ask permission, don’t want to respond to anyone, don’t want a boss, don’t want to be a boss. For those that want freedom.

A calm, welcoming/friendly place to start your solo Internet business journey.

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