I am a solopreneur.

What’s a solopreneur? An entrepreneur that works solo. Alone. In total control of the direction and the operations of his/her own company. With no hires, and no boss.

In my case no contractors, too.

This has always been my dream, and I’m living it. I’m living my dream.

I founded my company in 2008 and initially I just had one goal: I didn’t want to work for any company, ever.

And I succeeded in this goal. At times I played the role of the long-term contractor, but I’ve never been an employee.

Except when I worked as a dish washer during the summer holidays in high school. Being the dish washer is the most low-grade job in the tourism industry, something that’s very well established on the Alps, where I live.

And it was my entry point to working in a hotel in the most beautiful Italian mountain village, at 1800m meters on the sea level.

Few responsibilities, just show up and do the repetitive work day after day.

As a solopreneur it’s the opposite. I have all the responsibilities, and I am always at work. There’s no “show up”. The show is always going on. The show must go on.

But the work is not always the same. On the contrary, it’s always different.

One day I’m spending 10 hours at my desk writing blog posts for my daily blog schedule.

Another day I’m writing my weekly newsletter or working on one of my premium computer programming courses.

Another day I’m writing some automations that help me avoid boring and repetitive work, or replying to emails.

Another day I’m working on the big picture, the strategy that will define the operational tasks for months to come.

Another day I’m working on making this strategy real.

It’s always different, but it does not feel like work. It feels like life. Sometimes I take a day off, but that might also be the day where I have my best idea while taking a walk with my dogs on a mountain.

This is what separates employees from solopreneurs: you never forget about work. But I wouldn’t trade my 24/7 work/life mix with having no true independence and freedom.

Because in the end it all goes back to freedom. The freedom to decide what to work on. The freedom to do mistakes and to fix them. The freedom to change course of action, and to manage your own time.

The freedom to re-invent yourself and improve. That’s also a big part of solopreneurship: there is no one that will tell you that you need to improve on a certain area. You have to recognize that, and work on it.

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