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For every person in the world creating, 100 people consume.

This is a made-up stat. It might be 1/1000, or even 1/10000 depending on the niche.

For every youtuber, creating consistently quality videos, it might be 1/100000. YouTube reports 2 billion logged-in users, so this makes 20.000 youtubers. Sounds about right?

How do you become a youtuber? You just start making videos. I’m sure you tried looking at the first videos of your favorite youtuber. They are awful. Terrible. When they are good, then they deleted the first videos because they were ashamed of them.

Today they are stars at what they do. Great presence, great storytelling, great equipment and filming. When they started, they were.. like you.

You don’t have to compare yourself to them. You start by making a video. Then another. Then lots and lots of them. Without quantity, there’s no improvement.

I took this YouTube tangent, but the same goes for anything. I wrote more than 1400 blog posts on here (what?) but I started with one. Then another. I didn’t even start consistently, I started writing some random post here and there.

When I hit consistency that’s when things started to grow, but consistency came after months (years?) of blogging from time to time.

If you don’t start, you’ll never see what could happen.

I started making lots of YouTube videos last year when I started liking YouTube as a platform, so I started filming one video every day.

I lasted a bit more than a month, when I realized I really really disliked preparing a video, filming the video, and the time-consuming editing process.

I disliked all the process, but I gave it some time to figure out if I hated it because I wasn’t good at it, as I was new to that, or if I hated it because ..I hated it. Because it was not my medium.

One day I realized I was just better at writing. I could not know this unless I started, so I’m happy I did.

I never realized most people really hate writing. On the other hand, I love writing. I didn’t know I loved writing. That’s the only reason I was able to write 1400 blog posts, a dozen ebooks, and create courses in written format (yes, there aren’t only video courses).

I hated writing in school.

Maybe you hated writing too, and you think “I’m not a writer”. Well writing on a blog is 200% different. I don’t think I’m particularly skilled in any way.

I just like typing my thoughts into words rather than trying to talk to a camera. Especially since talking in English is much harder than typing. And I can delete words, move words around, fix typos after I finish.. it’s just better. For me.

The same goes for anything, really. I’m not saying anything new here, it’s just a reflection. If you want to start a marathon you start running every day. If you want to go to Masterchef you start cooking every meal, if you want to be in a rock band you start playing the guitar every hour of the day.