I stopped publishing daily blog posts

The attentive readers already figured out I stopped publishing every day on the blog since last week.

I’m switching the schedule to one blog post a week.

I have written 1 blog post every day for 4 years, and it’s been a tremendous help in growing the blog and producing helpful learning material for developers.

It’s one thing that I’ve been thinking many times. When will I stop? Will I ever stop? After all the blog is the most successful thing, work-related, that I’ve ever created. It enabled me to start creating courses for developers and make a living from this activity.

The main reason for the change of schedule, or the drop that breaks the camel’s back, is that 10 weeks from now I’ll open signups to the 2022 edition of the Bootcamp and since this year I’m doing a complete overhaul of the content and the projects that we’ll work on in the program, the next few months will be very intensive.

And then once the bootcamp starts it will be even more intensive. As I learned in the past 2 editions, the bootcamp is an immersive experience. It lasts 20 weeks and it’s a lot of work.

So in order to avoid burning the midnight oil, I have to cut somewhere. I’m not cutting in the Bootcamp quality for obvious reasons, as that’s what I believe my best course ever and it’s something that a lot of people are waiting for (the waiting list is now at almost 4000).

So at least for the next 6 months I’ll reduce the quantity. But I’ll try to not reduce quality. I don’t want to write 7 shitty posts a week. I want to write 1 good and useful one.

It’s been a great streak. I have written more than 1500 blog posts now, and I’ll continue writing them, just at a slower pace.

You might have noticed I started publishing on YouTube every day now, since the beginning of the year. So you might think that I’m just spending more time on that instead of the blog?

But the reality is that on YouTube I’m doing more casual content. I spend a lot of time every day reading stuff on the Internet in the computers and tech space and the idea is to make a “reaction channel” where I put my opinions on things.

So it’s pretty easy for me to make a video, I don’t have to think about what do do because every day I have more ideas than what I can work on.

It feels fun and I learned over time that when I find something that others feel like work but I feel like fun, I need to concentrate on that.

After 4 years of daily blogging it’s time to do some novel things. The novelty might wear off, but if I can establish a habit and stick to it, I can grow that to something useful and interesting to others.

So.. subscribe 😁

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