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How to rerender a Svelte component on demand

How to rerender a Svelte component on demand and in particular how to rerender it when I want to run a function prop again

Yesterday I had this problem: I was using a Datepicker Svelte component - 2 instances of it.

Just to give you more context, I want to set a starting date, and an ending date:

The 2 pickers

When you clicked the starting date, the date picker showed up:

The first picker

When you clicked the ending date, the second date picker showed up:

The second picker

Now the problem was that based on the starting date, the end date had some constrains. For example, a logical one was that you can't set an end date that's prior to the starting date.

The date picker component exposed a selectableCallback function prop, called when the component is first rendered, running for all the dates in the calendar, allowing me to return false on some dates to disable them.

let endDateSelectableCallback = date => {
  //TODO: decide if date is ok


Sounds great!

Except this function only ran when the component was rendered the first time.

I needed a way to re-run that function when the other component changed its value. So I could remove all dates prior to the starting date selected. Also, it had to run multiple times as the user could change idea.

So.. when selecting a date on the other component, I used the on:dateSelected event to just reassign the function I assigned to selectableCallback, called endDateSelectableCallback, to itself.

let endDateSelectableCallback = date => {
  //TODO: decide if date is ok

<!-- first date picker, start date -->
<Datepicker on:dateSelected={e => {

<!-- second date picker, end date -->
<Datepicker selectableCallback={endDateSelectableCallback

This might not be the most idiomatic Svelte code and I could probably add a refresh={refreshComponent} prop instead. But maybe it is idiomatic, since the Svelte docs also mention adding a redundant assignment to trigger a re-render when we update a value:

The svelte docs

I think that this is a very specific pattern that might not be very common. I haven't encountered this problem before, as far as I remember, so I'm happy with this solution so far - it works.

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