It's ok to be unproductive

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I watch a lot of YouTube and I used to watch many videos on productivity, but now I skip them all. Most of them are fake.

Those people that keep doing productivity videos do that because they are a “productivity channel” and the algorithm tells them to make more productivity videos because a lot of the people watching their channel watch productivity videos.

I’m also a Twitter addict and every time I go on Twitter I see people having great success stories with their business, launching new stuff, etc etc.

I might see a great course launch and I think I could have done one similar course.

Sometimes I feel a bit of pressure to ship great work. Work I’m proud of.

Not that I haven’t done anything yet.. I mean, in the past 3 years I wrote 14 free books, I write one blog post per day, I made 15+ premium high quality programming courses.

But despite that, I still have the desire to do.

But sometimes I also have the desire to be 100% unproductive. You don’t need to be productive all the time.

Sometimes it’s ok to give us permission to take time off and do nothing useful.

Even though it might hurt our own perception of being “productive people”.

I like those writers that seem to be doing nothing for a few years, then show up with a great book.

Perhaps that’s the model I’m looking forward.