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Using Astro locals

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Astro locals are a great way to share variables between middleware and page components (note: not layouts, as discussed in another post).

You can add a property in the src/middleware.ts file:

import type { MiddlewareHandler } from 'astro'

export const onRequest: MiddlewareHandler = async (context, next) => {
  context.locals.test = 'test'
  return await next()

and access it in the page component:



…this unlocks a few useful scenarios.

Mostly setting some property in a page, and using it in the middleware.

Note that if you add a property in the middleware you’ll see this TS issue:

To fix this problem, add to src/env.d.ts the type of the new property:

/// <reference types="astro/client" />

declare namespace App {
  interface Locals {
    test: string

and define your middleware in this way:

import { defineMiddleware } from 'astro:middleware'

export const onRequest = defineMiddleware(async (context, next) => {
  context.locals.test = 'test'

  return await next()
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