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Using Railway private networking

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Railway (mandatory referral link) has 2 different networking systems:

  1. a public network
  2. a private network

The public network gives you a public URL that can be referenced from anywhere.

The private network is a URL that’s private, internal to Railway.

The big benefit of the private network is that a service is inherently more secure if not accessible through the public Internet if not needed.

But on top of that, you got this huge advantage: using the private network does not have a cost, while public network incurs in egress fees ($0.10 / GB).

So by using the private network things are more secure, and cheaper to host.

For a while I had trouble using Railway’s (and’s) private networking to connect my app with PocketBase but eventually I discovered the problem and since this might be something you can stumble upon too, let me explain.

When using the public network, you get a URL like


In your app, you connect to this using

https://<the url>

With private networking you get a URL like this:


In your app, you must use the PORT as well. This is the internal port exposed by your Docker container.

In my case I used 8080, so I had to use this URL in my app:


Super important: use http:// and NOT https:// or the internal network will not work.

You typically use variable references on Railway to avoid hardcoding the variables, so you can write your variables as something like:


assuming PORT was defined as a PocketBase service variable on Railway.

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