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Vue 2, how to use a prop as the class name

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Sometimes you pass a prop to a component, and you want to use that prop value as the class name. How to do that?

Say you have a Car component.

You want to add a class to its output based on a prop.

So maybe the prop is called color, and you use it like this in other parts of the app:

<Car color="red">
<Car color="blue">

In your Car component you first need to declare the color prop:

export default {
  name: 'Car',
  props: {
    color: String

then you can use it in the template part:

  <div :class="color"></div>

If you want to add a car class, plus the class determined by the color prop, you can use this syntax:

  <div :class="['car', color]"></div>

Happy coding!

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