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A big whiteboard is one of the best investments on yourself

Published Nov 23 2021

I love my whiteboard.

It’s a big, huge whiteboard.

I just finished moving it into a new position today, drilling holes in a new wall (meaning one where it has never been put on).

I have this whiteboard since I was a child. I don’t remember where it comes from.

It was probably a Christmas or birthday present. I still have it now.

I plan everything on this whiteboard.

It beats any TODO app 10-0.

And any mind mapping tool.

Probably because it’s a real-world artifact.

It’s real, as it’s real the smell of whiteboard markers while you download your brain into the big, white surface.

I keep changing the apps I use to manage my days in digital form. It might be Wunderlist, Things, Workflowy, now it’s Notion.

But the big, huge, whiteboard does not change.

If you’re having troubles planning, organizing a project, getting things out of your mind and organize them in a clear flow, then I highly recommend you get one of those.

The only problem a whiteboard has is that the real estate is limited. Which is also an advantage, if you think about it. It can’t indefinitely grow. It kind of forces you to stay focused.

But at some point you need to clear it, maybe after storing those thoughts in a digital tool, or simply with a picture.

Mine is 150 x 120 cm. I looked online, you can find a similar one for less than 100€.

It’s a solid investment.

One that will last a lifetime. Literally. Mine is 35 years old or something like that. Still looks almost new.

Tech gadgets grow old after 2 years.

A whiteboard has a much longer timespan.

And if you do get one, get one that you can move around when needed.

Because the room where you have to think can change.

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