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Roadmap to become a Vue.js 2 developer in 2020

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This is a graph I made with the technologies that will make you a well-rounded developer proficient in Vue.js programming.

I found out the React Developer Roadmap on the web, and I decided to make one for Vue.

To be a proficient Vue.js developer, you need to learn:

  1. the basics of how the Web works
  2. HTML, CSS
  3. the DOM
  4. how browsers work
  5. the JavaScript basics, event handling, the newest ES6-7-8 features
  6. Git
  7. how to use the terminal
  8. the Vue basics
  9. webpack
  10. how to install packages using npm or yarn
  11. how to run tasks using npm scripts
  12. CSS modern tools: SASS, PostCSS
  13. a CSS framework like Tailwind or Bootstrap or another
  14. how to use CSS in JS using Single File Components
  15. how to manage state using component state or vuex, and its libraries
  16. how to check types using prop types or TypeScript
  17. how to handle routing using vue-router
  18. how to consume APIs using GraphQL/Apollo/REST using axios or fetch
  19. use an utility library like lodash or moment
  20. how to test using Jest and the Vue Test Utils
  21. how to perform end to end testing using Cypress or Puppeteer or others
  22. how to build a desktop Vue app using Electron
  23. how to internationalize an app using vue-i18n
  24. how to implement server-side rendering

The list could grow indefinitely, but those are the basics of a well-rounded Vue developer 😇

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