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JavaScript or Python?

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I wrote a book on JavaScript and one on Python and one question people ask me all the time is, which one to start with?

They are both good for beginners and hugely popular.

What they differ in is, what you can do with them

They are both dynamic and general purpose programming languages, but JavaScript has the huge advantage of being the language that the browser knows, so it’s used in frontend development.

Python excels in applications for data science and machine learning, with many packages developed for this particular field, so you might simply decide based on this.

If your in doubt and you cannot decide, I would study the one that’s taught at your school or the language that’s used to build the things you want to build. Or used at the company you want to work for.

If you’re still in doubt let me pick for you. I would recommend JavaScript because I think it’s the one that is more flexible and the fact it can run inside the browser is a huge advantage.

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