Learning to code takes time

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Coding is a hard activity. Learning to code takes a lot of time. There’s no easy way out. If you start from zero and you’re looking into coding as a career, becoming a software engineer, it’s going to just take a lot of effort and dedication.

There’s no other choice. If you want to become a developer, you need to learn things. For a long period of time.

The good news is that is mostly just takes time.

There’s no special ability to be required.

You don’t need to be born with specific physical traits, and being young, like you need in sports.

You don’t need fancy equipment. A laptop and an internet connection is all you need.

This is also the reason most people quit, and here’s your big advantage. If you can get through it, if you can put in those hours, day in an day out, you are already well ahead of the curve.

Here’s where passion might come into play, because passion helps you spend all those hours at the computer. But passion can also show up after you spent many hours doing it, as a result. You don’t have to “have it” already.

Results take time to show up. But they will show up. The important thing is to focus on the process to get there. After dedicating enough time, you will inevitably have results to show.

One more thing! ⚠️ ✋

At the end of January I will organize the Web Development Bootcamp.

It's a 10-weeks long cohort online course where I will guide you to becoming a Web Developer.

It's not "just a course". It's a big event I organize once a year.

We'll start from zero, learn the fundamentals of Web Development, HTML CSS, JavaScript, Tailwind, Git, using the command line, VS Code, GitHub, Node.js, we'll then learn React, JSX, how to use PostgreSQL, Astro, Next.js, Prisma, deploying on Netlify/DigitalOcean/Fly/Vercel and much more! 

At the end of the first 10 weeks you'll know how to create web sites and web applications and I'll unlock you the 2nd phase of the Bootcamp: you will get access to a large number of projects exclusive to the Bootcamp graduates, so you can follow my instructions to build things like private areas with authentication, clones of popular sites like Twitter YouTube Reddit, create e-commerce sites, and much much more.

Because once you got the fundamentals, you only learn by working on real, exciting projects.

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