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A developer knowing marketing has a powerful combination of skills

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The digital entrepreneur nowadays has to be a marketer, has to know how to make a product and has to know how to bring it on the market. A combination of skills which is rare, as well as powerful and explosive.

All this must be added the part of the product, and depending on the category it is necessary that the entrepreneur is also a programmer, a writer or have unique skills that distinguish him from the others.

You also need to know in detail how to create a website, how to create a Facebook page, how to create an email sequence, details about setting up an ad campaign, and generally everything that we could group under the term “webmaster”.

It is not strictly mandatory for an entrepreneur to know all this, but if in a traditional company there are different people dedicated to each of these tasks I have listed, it is also true that this is not what this post is about. The post deals with the creation of a business where no employees exist.

For any task, you can decide to hire external experts as contractors to do the job instead of doing it on your own.

However, this causes the following reflections:

  • it’s a distraction, because you have to look for trusted people with the right skills at a price you can afford
  • you have to pay people for their work
  • it becomes an endless tunnel. Technical issues will never end, and you may have to depend for a long time on an outside person who does the job you do not understand, because you initially delegated too much and you do not really know how things work
  • ask yourself what happens if for a technical part you’ve delegated, suddenly your referring person is no longer available
  • many of these jobs should be part of your core business, which only you can manage 100%

In general, if you do not know how to do something, but you need to have it done, you will have to pay someone to do so.

In the next chapters of this post you will have a general overview of everything you need, and from there you can start to get into the details.

I was born programmer / webmaster and with time I also became a web marketer for necessity. If you have more soft skills, you can do the opposite. There is no need to be great experts, there are many tools available to make perfect websites and landing pages without having to touch a line of code.

But beware: you have to understand that everything you do not know right now - and that it is crucial to the success of your business - must be learnt perfectly, to avoid the risk that your product and brand will be perceived as unmanaged, amateurish or unattractive.

Either you do it, or you’ll have to pay money to someone else to do it. So the decision is to invest the time needed to learn the techniques or to spend money to get the benefit of industry professionals.

My recommendation is to learn everything that is needed, because the techniques change but the concepts are evergreen, and because you can’t delegate to others things that are the foundation of your business. And even if you decide to delegate, you can’t delegate something too vague. If you understand the subject you will know perfectly what you need, and what is superfluous or not needed at all.

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