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“Once I started reading I could not stop. This book has so many tips for creating a successful blog! What I like most is that many of the concepts could be applied to other forums such as video and podcasts. If you apply all of the tips and strategies mentioned you WILL have success!”
Jesse Hall, codeSTACKr

“Flavio for me has been the #1 authority when it comes to blogging. I admire the work that he has done over the years. This is the book I was waiting for a while and now I can learn more about his little secrets 🤩. While reading the contents you can already see how valuable this book is. Get it now!”
Florin Pop

“Writing a blog is an enticing yet scary idea for most developers but Flavio’s book took all the fear out of it! It was packed with actionable info such as picking topics, building a long term audience, and tricks to make writing a sustainable endeavor. I am very excited to register my domain and get started!!”
Arjun Y