Git workflow to manage work on multiple branches

My strategy when using Git as the versioning tools for my projects

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I track all my development using Git, and I always follow this strategy.

The strategy is inspired by A successful Git branching model.

I have 2 permanent branches: master and develop.

Those are the rules I follow in my daily routine:

When I take on a new issue, or decide to incorporate a feature, there are 2 main roads:

  • The feature is a quick one, or subsequent commits Iโ€™ll make wonโ€™t break the code (or at least I hope so): I can commit on develop, or do a quick feature branch, and then merge it to develop.

  • The feature will take more than one commit to finish, maybe it will take days of commits before the feature is finished and it gets stable again: I do a feature branch, then merge to develop.

If something on our production server requires immediate action, like a bugfix I need to get solved ASAP, I do a short hotfix branch, fix the thing, test the branch locally and on a test machine, then merge it to master and develop.

If I need a quick feature/edit to be pushed on the production server, the develop branch has some unstable code in it, and Iโ€™d like that feature/edit ASAP, I can skip the develop branch, do a quick feature branch and merge it to both master and develop, as long as the feature/edit is fast and trivial. If it proves to be something more complicated down the road, itโ€™d be better to wait and stabilise the code on the develop branch.

The develop branch will always be in a state of flux, thatโ€™s why it should be put on a โ€˜freezeโ€™ when preparing a release. The code is tested and every workflow is checked to verify code quality, and itโ€™s prepared for a merge into master.

Every time develop or another hotfix branch is merged into master, I tag it with a version number, so itโ€™s easy to move back to a previous state if something goes wrong.

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