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Store Vue data to localStorage using Vuex



Learn how to store Vuex data automatically to localStorage or sessionStorage

When talking about storing data, there are various ways to persist data.

One is very simple, it’s perfect for prototypes, and it’s storing the data using the Web Storage API: localStorage and sessionStorage.

Using Vue you can make use of that API in many ways. One of the simplest ones is to rely on the vuex-persist library.

You install it using npm or Yarn:

npm install vuex-persist

yarn add vuex-persist

Open the Vuex store file, and add:

import VuexPersist from 'vuex-persist'

Initialize VuexPersist:

const vuexPersist = new VuexPersist({
  key: 'my-app',
  storage: window.localStorage

key is the key that’s used in the localStorage database.

Change localStorage with sessionStorage to use that other storage system (each has its own peculiarities, see the Web Storage API document I linked above).

Next up, add vuexPersist to the list of Vuex plugins, when initializing the store:

const store = new Vuex.Store({
  plugins: [vuexPersist.plugin]

That’s it! Any time the store is changed, the library will persist it to the browser.

There are more advanced capabilities you can find out on the official documentation, but these are the basics to get you started.

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