This ebook is the result of my study and research of the Express Node.js library. I covered the topic by explaining everything with the least amount of words possible.

The goal is to learn 80% of Express with 20% of the time.

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The ebook summary

  • The Express Handbook
  • Express overview
  • Request parameters
  • Sending a response
  • Sending a JSON response
  • Manage Cookies
  • Work with HTTP headers
  • Redirects
  • Routing
  • CORS
  • Templating
  • The Pug Guide
  • Middleware
  • Serving static files
  • Send files
  • Sessions
  • Validating input
  • Sanitizing input
  • Handling forms
  • File uploads in forms
  • An Express HTTPS server with a self-signed certificate
  • Setup Let’s Encrypt for Express