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Roadmap to Learn JavaScript

Updated May 04 2018

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JavaScript is such an amazing language!

Born as a simple way to manipulate documents in the browser, over the years it became the most popular programming language in the world, and now runs everywhere.

Here is an attempt to draft a roadmap to learn JavaScript.

Note: I added all those in a handy PDF/ePub, download it now

Beginner’s guides

First, dive into the introductory guide to the language, and dive into the overview of the “latest and greatest” additions to the language. It’s useless to learn the “old way” of doing things when in the last 3 years how we all use the language changed so much.

Basics of the language

Next, this is a more in-depth analysis of the building blocks of JavaScript.

The JavaScript built-in objects

Asynchronous programming

JavaScript is big on asynchronous programming. Learn all the basics!


Advanced topics

Some more advanced topics before you go ahead to learn something new

Data Structures

The Web Platform

Cookies, localStorage, the History API, Fetch, Cache, Service Workers, it’s all explained in the Web Platform APIs Guide. Lots of things in there!


Here are some little how-to posts that can shed a light on some JavaScript tasks, and as a side effect better understand what JavaScript can do and how it works:

What’s next?

If you’re ready to go ahead and dive into more advanced lands, check out React and server-side JavaScript with Node.js.

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