The Web Platform is an amazing ecosystem of APIs, tools, languages, and it is more powerful than ever today.

I wrote a lot of tutorials and articles on this blog related to the Web Platform.

This post aims to organize them so you can find things more easily, and serve as a roadmap to learn how to develop on the Web Platform.

Browser API guides

First dive into the DOM, the most fundamental API exposed by the browser. Once you are familiar with this, check out the other important APIs associated with the browser.

SVG, an amazing image format

Storage APIs

The Web Platform provides 3 fundamental storage APIs: cookies, Web Storage and IndexedDB. Know their pros and cons:

Developer Tools for the Web

We developers would be completely lost and terrified without the amazing Dev Tools provided in all the popular Browsers.

Modern CSS

CSS has come a long way! Learn the new amazing things CSS can do today!

What’s next?

If you’re ready to go ahead and dive into more advanced lands, check out

The best way to learn things is to build small things with each new technology. Sometimes it’s just hard to decide what to do. I made a list of sample web app ideas, maybe one of those will be a quick start to learning something new today!

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More browser tutorials: