How to load an image in an HTML canvas

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I was using the canvas npm package to draw an image server-side using the Canvas API.

Note: this is how to work with images in a canvas in Node.js, not in the browser. In the browser it’s different.

Load the loadImage() function

const { createCanvas, loadImage } = require('canvas')

Create the canvas:

const width = 1200
const height = 630

const canvas = createCanvas(width, height)
const context = canvas.getContext('2d')

Then call loadImage(), which returns a promise when the image is loaded:

loadImage('./logo.png').then(image => {


You can also use, inside an async function:

const image = await loadImage('./logo.png')

Once you have the image, call drawImage and pass it with the x, y, width and height parameters:

context.drawImage(image, 340, 515, 70, 70)