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How to write text into to an HTML canvas

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Set the canvas size using CSS or the HTML width/height attributes to be, for example, 200 x 400:

<canvas width="200" height="400"></canvas>

and make sure you also set the width/height properties of the canvas object in the JavaScript, to avoid the text to render blurry, for example:

canvas.width = 1800
canvas.height = 1200

First thing, get a reference to a canvas

const canvas = document.querySelector('canvas')

and create a context object from it:

const context = canvas.getContext('2d')

Now we can call the fillText() method of the context object:

context.fillText('hi!', 100, 100)

Make sure the x and y coordinates of the starting point are included in the canvas size.

You can pass additional properties before calling fillText() to customize the appearance, for example:

context.font = 'bold 70pt Menlo'
context.fillStyle = '#ccc'
context.fillText('hi!', 100, 100)
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