Generating value

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As a product business, anything you ship creates value

As an employee, if you are fired you will not have anything in your hands.

As a freelancer, when you stop working you do not have anything left, no value remains in your portfolio except some screenshots or video samples of your previous work, which is of no value in itself.

It is important to understand these concepts: if your employer or contractor no longer needs you, you will have to look for another employer or buyer. It’s an endless cycle unless you start building your own products right now.

It is not a simple process and it can take many months to make the product and start selling it, and even more importantly, to create a system that drives automated sales through proper marketing.

From the moment you have your products, they will be your products forever. You are creating value, you introduce something new to the world. You’ve built an asset. This asset can be sold, if you can build a business around it.

Your products can generate value for years.

I currently have many products for sale, some of which have generated tens of thousands of dollars each over the years in a fully automated way. Products made within a few hours were successful because they solved a problem and I was able to find the right sales channel.

Obviously not every product is successful, I have made products in the past that after some intense months bringing them to light, they failed to market, and after a couple months of trial and error, I abandoned them.

This can also happen to you, it will happen to you. The important thing is to understand why this has happened, and to avoid doing the same mistakes in the future.