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Feb 07 2023 mac How to play a sound from the macOS command line
Feb 01 2023 mac AppleScript by example, episode 1
Jan 31 2023 mac How to concatenate strings in AppleScript
Jan 30 2023 mac How to find the bundle ID of a Mac app
Jan 29 2023 mac How to add an “Open in Terminal” icon in macOS Finder
Jan 28 2023 mac How to add an “Open in VS Code” icon in macOS Finder
Jan 22 2023 mac Run a Node.js script from your macOS menu bar
Oct 17 2022 mac MacBook Air or MacBook Pro for Web Development?
May 26 2022 mac How to hide a file or folder in macOS Finder
May 25 2022 mac Take screenshots as JPG on macOS
May 13 2022 mac How to remove the shadow from window screenshots in macOS
Nov 27 2021 mac How to enable the CarPlay menu on the iPhone
Nov 08 2021 mac Review of the 2021 MacBook Pro 14"
Nov 06 2021 mac Convert an image or resize it using macOS Shortcuts
Nov 03 2021 mac Why Safari is a great browser
Nov 01 2021 mac Low data mode
Oct 31 2021 mac A way to set up automations in macOS easily
Oct 10 2021 mac Reverting a file to a previous version, on a Mac
Aug 24 2021 mac How to fix the Fish shell error terminated by signal SIGKILL (Forced quit)
Jul 08 2021 mac Setup your website to allow full-screen on iOS
Aug 02 2020 mac How to install a local SSL certificate in macOS
May 10 2020 mac Productivity gains of using a Mac and an iOS device
Nov 21 2018 mac How to use the macOS terminal

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