Is blogging still relevant?

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This is a legit question. Is blogging still relevant in today’s world, dominated by social media and big platforms?

Can the underdog still find some space on the Internet? Don’t we have too many sites already?

First, we’ll never have too many sites. There’s less than 1 person creating content for every 100 people. This is a rule for all media consumption: there are ~100 TV or radio stations in a country with 100 million people. Same for newspapers.

The same goes for the Internet. If you start creating, and you do your job well, eventually your content will surface and you will have success. Whatever success means to you.

This is possible with videos on YouTube, podcasts, and blogs, of course.

So why should you start a blog instead of making videos? It’s a choice. We can’t all be good at making videos, and we can’t all have a voice made for podcasts. Similarly, we can’t all be good at writing.

But if you happen to enjoy writing and you like the idea of having your own little corner on the Internet, then creating a blog might be what you are looking for.