Should you have a personal blog or a company/product blog?

This is an abstract from my book How to Start a Blog

If you are a freelancer, working solo, or you are a solopreneur, a company of one, you might have a tough decision ahead: should you create a personal blog or a company blog?

There’s a big distinction in this. In my opinion, a personal blog is way better because companies and projects come and go. You might sell your company in 3 years.

Your personal brand, however, will stick with you wherever you go. The advantage I find in a personal brand is that you have the ability to experiment and pivot, if necessary.

If you create a brand that’s too tied to a product or area, you can’t switch without changing the name and domain, so it can be very confusing to people and it’s very hard to make it work nicely.

And most likely you’ll have a hard time finding a good idea, at first, so it’s always good to have more than one option. That way you don’t have to start from zero.

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