Have a purpose for your business

Having a purpose is a high-motivating factor to overcome challenges

We’re in business to make money. Money is important for your day-to-day expenses, buying a car, buying clothes, buying a house.

But it is equally true that if this was the only purpose of a business, it would be boring.

I think a business must be thought of with a set of values that make it unique. We are not the anonymous hamburger chain or supermarket. We are not interchangeable, as an electrician or a hardware store can be switched with another one in a minute.

Having a purpose is a high-motivating factor to overcome any challenge that you might encounter on your path.

Successful businesses are successful because they bring their own vision to the world. You have to put your mind in the business and make your business your vision of the world, and the business will succeed because the business is intensely yours.

Your business will be the way to show the world what you are, your values, and this will be passed on to your customers, and theyโ€™ll love it.

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