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Some days are just better than others

Published Aug 07 2021

I sleep 8 hours every day. A day is composed by 24 hours, so I have about 16 hours.

Not all those hours are equal.

And not all days are equal.

As a creator, some days are better than others.

And during the day, some hours are better than others.

After lunch, depending on what you eat, the following 2-3 hours might be almost wasted.

In the evening you might be too tired to do anything meaningful.

In the morning you might not be “woke” enough.

The actual useful hours to do stuff are very few.

Some people are better than me at time blocking. They say “I work from 8 to 12 no matter what”. Most days I can’t do that. I have things to do, shallow work I must do for my business, or “it’s such a good day to ski that I must go. I’ll work later”.

But some days are so productive. I don’t know why. I might wake up with an inner force and I’ll just work 10 hours, uninterrupted.

I came to accept that this is a fact. I won’t try to change this. Some days are just better than others. Those are the days that move you forward. The other days.. not so much.

But they are still useful, I don’t think there are “wasted” days. Just days that must go in that way.

You procrastinate, but you also have the option to sit back and reflect. There are days of action, and days of thinking and revisiting the work you’ve done.

Of course I’m talking about doing indie work. If someone is forcing you those working days and hours on your schedule, you don’t have choice. But I had several jobs when I had to do, say, 20 hours a week, and I got to choose when to do them. Evening, morning, it didn’t matter.

As a creator, owner of my time, I know that not all my daytime is going to be useful, productive, meaningful. But as long as that time is invested in anything else not work related, that can reduce stress levels and increase quality of life, then it’s all good.

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