The Trail System of the Park

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A trail system is a network of trails around an area. It could be trekking trails, snowmobile trails, and so on.

Like a trail system gives you a map of where you’ve been and where you’re going, the trail system for your business is a map for other people to navigate your universe.

I’ll give you an example illustrating the trail system of my business.

I have a blog. I write every day on this blog. A lof of people find the blog through Google and other sites where people link to blog posts I wrote in the past.

All those are paths that bring from the outside world into the beginning of my trail system.

I don’t have control over how many people show up every day at the gates of the trail system.

What I have control over is if trail is clean, tidy and worth a visit. If it’s welcoming, if it’s quick to access.

People of different kinds show up at the trail. Some are not interested in what they see. They imagined something different. Perhaps their shoes are not ideal, or the weather today is not really nice.

Many of those people will turn away and never come back.

A portion of those people however will like what they see and they will continue the path into the park.

They liked reading an article I wrote. I solved their problem. They bookmarked me. They remember my name.

They walk along the trail until they decide that my ebooks are worth a visit. I have a series of free ebooks I wrote in the past 4 years. 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021. It’s a total of 14 books at the time of writing.

It’s like having 14 cabins where you can spend the night along the trail. Staying for the night is free, I just ask visitors for their email address.

When they give me their email address, we make the first real connection. Too many people show up at the gates of the trail system every day, but only a few get to the point of connecting via email.

Those people that leave their email are the first circle of friends.

The trail system is vast and a lot is happening every week. I’m not always around to chat with each one of my friends, but I’ll send a postcard with a little note every week.

So even after you finish reading my book, you’ll remember about me and your stay at the park.

The days go by, summer ends, and the trees at the park change the colors of their leaves.

Lots of visitors still show up every day because the park is always beautiful, even when it snows. When winter comes I prepare special paths for skiing and walking in the snow.

Every once in a while I’ll do some adventure and I’ll tell you what I learned.

Programming computers and creating things with code is always a fun craft, an art, a continuous discovery.

I spend the evenings in my cabin organizing all I learn to make it easy for newcomers to find their own path.

Sometimes I organize a big gathering. I might have a few over the year. Some are shorter and I call them masterclasses. That’s when I invite you in, and we have a great time learning a single topic in depth. Like React or JavaScript.

Some are longer and last months. Those are bootcamps. Those are where I’ll pick you up as a beginning journeyman and I’ll make sure you’ll be fully equipped for the future. For your career.

Sometimes I also pick up the radio and send a little update, that’s what we call Twitter. It’s mostly just chit chat. But when I have important news I always send notes via email.

Sometimes I also do fun stuff and one week later I’ll realize it was a bad idea. That’s the beauty of the park and its trail system. It’s always in movement. Nothing is stale. It’s always evolving.

That’s what I do here at the park.

If you enjoy it, I’m here to stay and we’ll have lots of fun in the years to come.