On blogging for 3.5 years

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I’m blogging every day since January 2018. It’s a long time. About 3.5 years.

What keeps me going?

One thing I like to say is, half joking, that I’m trapped into this blog.

I wrote for so long that I. can’t. stop.

I would hate waking up the day after, saying “what have I done?????“. I’m on a streak, and I want those 3.5 years to become 5, 10, 20.

Some days it’s very easy to write. I just work on something and find a thing worth sharing. Maybe that day I find 10 things worth sharing.

Some days it’s just hard. I want to write only about what excites me, otherwise it feels like a job.

But in the end I can’t just write about what I feel like. Sometimes I take tangents into topics that are unrelated to the main topic of Web Development which I do, like my deep dives into Arduino, Electronics, or Swift.

Still programming related, of course. I also do write posts like this, sometimes, which are very meta, more related to blogging than to programming.

But I also feel that I can’t write about JavaScript forever. Or can I? Maybe. Maybe not.

Maybe one day I will just stop, and I’ll more on to other things.

But not today.